Our Kennels

The hounds have been settled in their new home since May 2019 at Jill Wade’s Wishful Thinking Farm. 

She has more than 100 acres of fields and woods for walking out.


It’s a 30×40 foot insulated building with a concrete floor, a convenient garage door, indoor and outdoor kennels and a securely fenced yard.

Total cost of this project came in around $40,000, of which about $4000 remains to be paid off.


Scroll down to see how much work it has taken to get where we are now.

Propane keeps hounds warm




Fun in the yard

One of our special “airlock” gates

The water is in!

It took a BIG excavator to get the lines dug. Now the fence can get finished.

The Big Fence begins

The exterior paint and trim looking good

The interior is truly beautiful!


How it began.






March 24 Update.  Ceiling repair and insulation and new roof done.

Next is new windows and the hound access doors.  Roof covered with snow else I would have proudly photographed it.

March 28 update

New windows in and you can (almost) see the new roof.  Lots of metal for recycling and our new kennel panels almost ready to move inside.

March 31 update.  Kennel panels moved inside and ceiling painting almost finished.  Ran power for well pump


April 8

Lights, Kennels, Action!

April 12

Thanks to the Wilson team we have new sliding doors.  A logger was also spotted on the premises.

April 14  Outdoor kennels!

April 16.  Yet more progress.  Well getting drilled

April 18 update.    Surepack and rebar, finishing touches, mats, and the well is done.  Four hundred feet deep.