Opening Meet and Blessing 2019

Blessing of the Green Mountain Hounds

   Sunday, September 22 , 2019

      Quiet Valley farm

         Shoreham, Vermont 

     Ten  AM.

          Conducted by

       Retired Field Master Marten van Heuven

Photo: Eric Schneider

Good Morning!  Welcome to the blessing of the Green Mountain Hounds.

 Recently, the Magazine Covertside  treated us to an account of how different hunts handle the blessing. For one British hunt, it means the use of hunting horns and  special dress for the staff on foot. Many American hunt clubs dress for a blessing as they would for a  formal hunt, even as there are differences in style.  Some hunts look for experienced clergy, but anyone can bestow a blessing.

       The huntsman has a say in the preparations; whether to show just a few hounds willing to stand still, or display the whole pack, perhaps using nibbles, or even a few leashes to bring impatient hounds to some sense of decorum.

       Now we are ready for another year’s blessing ceremony.   We do so with a glad heart.   In less than a season the club has moved the hounds into new quarters.  The hounds are going out with a new huntsman.  Members of the hunt gave their planning skills, their time, and hard physical work, not to mention their financial support, to produce these wonderful results.  We are deeply grateful.

We conclude this ceremony  with a prayer.

       Almighty God.

       We thank Thee for the beautiful fields and forests through which we hunt.

       Bless those who allow us to hunt on their  land.

       Bless those who ride the hunt. Keep them from harm to life and limb.

       Bless our horses who faithfully carry their riders.

       Finally, bless these, our Green Mountain hounds, whose restless energy and joyful  voices delight us all.  They are the crown of our sport .