New Kennels Project

The hounds will be moving a couple of miles down the road to new kennels in a few short months.

We will have our own building at Jill Wade’s Wishful Thinking Farm. 

She has more than 100 acres of fields and woods for walking out, and many more acres available nearby.

It’s a 30×40 foot building with a concrete floor and a convenient garage door.   We’ll have a large outdoor yard as well.

We’ve got some work to do to get it ready for the hounds.  We’ll be drilling a well, repairing the roof, replacing the windows and putting in the outdoor fencing.  We’ve already purchased some nice panels for indoor runs with which we’ll be able to make an almost limitless set of inside arrangements for the hounds.

Stay tuned for updates here as the development progresses, and you just may see a fundraising effort in the near future.