Foxhunting with Green Mountain Hounds is about the best riding bargain in Vermont – or anywhere else for that matter!

Despite the 2020 Pandemic, hounds went out more than 30 times last season.







Membership Category                                                                              Rate

Landowner                                                                               Complimentary
Patron (includes capping fee for your guests)                               $850
Family (includes children 25 and younger)                                  $750
Individual                                                                                             $550
Pick-and-Choose any 12 hunts                                                         $350
Young Adult (18-25)                                                                           $350
Junior (under 18)**                                                                            $125
Social                                                                                                     $ 50


The Masters of Fox Hounds Association is the umbrella organization for mounted foxhunting in North America.  Participation and support is important for the continued viability of our sport.   For only $35 you can support our sport nationwide, and you will receive the beautiful magazine Covertside quarterly.  Juniors who participate in at least five hunts are eligible for a free subscription through the Fairly Hunted Award.

Please use the Paypal button below or payment to Venmo Greenmountainhounds or send a check to one of the Masters (see Contact Us )

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