2024 All About Joining

Foxhunting with Green Mountain Hounds is about the best riding bargain in Vermont – or anywhere else for that matter!

The hounds went out more than 30 times last season. despite the rain rain rain that we had.  Give the gift of sport that gives all year.







Membership Category                                                                              Rate

Landowner                                                                               Complimentary
Patron (includes capping fee for your guests)                               $950
Family (includes children 25 and younger)                                  $850
Individual                                                                                             $600
Pick-and-Choose any 12 hunts                                                         $450
Young Adult (18-25)                                                                           $450
Junior (under 18)**                                                                            $100
Social                                                                                                     $ 50

See this page http://greenmountainhounds.com/2016/how-to-hunt-with-us/ for capping fees

The Masters of Fox Hounds Association is the umbrella organization for mounted foxhunting in North America.  Participation and support is important for the continued viability of our sport.   Although we no longer offer this in conjunction with your membership, we very much encourage members to join the MFHA as well. For only $50 you can support our sport nationwide, and you will receive the beautiful magazine Covertside quarterly.  Juniors who participate in at least five hunts are eligible for a free subscription through the Fairly Hunted Award.


Please use the Paypal button below or payment to Venmo Greenmountainhounds or send a check to one of the Masters (see Contact Us )

Patron Membership $950

Family Membership $850

Individual Membership $600

Pick & Choose $450

Yound Adult $450

Junior $100

Social $50