How To Hunt With Us

15135968_10154019718431056_6351049928008802348_nFirst thing is to contact the Secretary at She will be able to tell you all about it and make sure you are up to date on any last minute changes, and we will then know to look for you at the Meet.  If you’re new to the whole idea, you should know that we usually plan a fox hunting clinic at the start of our regular hunting season. It is a fun time to see what it’s all about in a unstressful situation. At the hunt you will only be expected to do a few things correctly; the rest is all just having fun.  Go to the link and electronically sign the release form.  Check in with the Field Secretary there.

Pay the capping fee of $50 ($25 for Juniors and Young Adults) (payable in cash or check to Green Mountain Hounds or by Paypal or Venmo Greenmountainhounds.) We generally expect people to cap no more three times in a season. We figure that if you like it that much you ought to be a fully participating member!
Your capping fees can be applied to your season membership.



Wear proper clothing.  Don’t get too worried about this, but don’t ignore it either. The overall idea is to look neat and clean and pretty much like everybody else. We could go into reasons and rationale as to why we dress the way we do, but it would likely be dull and irrelevant to you at this point.
There are three basic uniforms:

During the spring and summer months wear a white polo shirt, light breeches, and tall black boots.
During the cooler season there are Formal and Informal hunts.  At Formal hunts wear a white shirt, a stock tie, an optional yellow vest, black coat, light breeches and tall black boots.  At Informal hunts wear a tweed coat, ratcatcher collar or stock tie for women, necktie for men, tan breeches and tall black or brown boots.  (Don’t get too worried if you don’t have a tweed coat; wear something nice and warm enough).

Safe headgear is a must at all times; usually a black velvet helmet. Come on! If you ride you’ve already got all this stuff.

Ride safely under the direction of your Field Master. We usually have two Fields; First and Second. You will not be left on your own, but will follow the Field Master who is familiar with the territories and will guide you to the best view of the hounds and safely over the obstacles. Generally the Second Field does not require jumping but does include cantering in a group.  If you or your horse will not be comfortable in First or Second Field we will endeavor to have a Third Field, called Hilltoppers. The pace of this third field will be such as to offer an easy introduction to the sport.  Please notify the Secretary or the Masters if you wish to ride in Third Field.

Eat and Drink something after the hunt. Called the “Breakfast” regardless of the time of day. Review the hunt, make friends, re-energize.

Children are more than welcome. Many young people hunt with us. Please note, however, that riders younger than 16 need to have an adult in the Field responsible for them.