We hunt at a number of different fixtures in western Vermont and adjacent New York. We hunt in all weather, but to protect the land sometimes venues may be changed in extreme conditions, or if excessive snow makes it impossible to park trailers. 172 Fox hunt, huntThere is generally a Hunt Breakfast after each meet, either at the site or at a nearby home. The location links below may not represent precisely the location of parking on any particular day, so be sure and check with the Hunt Secretary for any up-to-date information.  Click on the link for the location.

Timber Hill Farm – Richmond, Vermont

On Cochran Road, this property runs along the Winooski River, through woods and some fine hayfields.    Timber Hill

Tottingham Farm – Shoreham, Vermont

This is Story and Dia Jenks’ lovely home and fields and woods.  Sometimes we hack through to Quiet Valley and Whistlepig from here also.  Tottingham

Quiet Valley Farm – Shoreham, Vermont

On the west side of the Lemon Fair River, connected to Lemon Fair Farm by a private bridge. Wooded sugarbush, inviting jumps, and the gorgeous view (can you make out Killington in the distance?)
make this a signature fixture.  Quiet Valley
We are also pleased to be able to hunt on neighboring WhistlePig Farm as well  Whistle Pig

Lilac Ridge Farm – Charlotte, Vermont

Lovely and extensive collection of fixed jumps, some open fields, and some woods. It has everything!  Lilac Ridge

Bottum Farm – New Haven, Vermont

Several farms totaling perhaps 1500 acres, with corn and hay fields, and wooded areas.    Bottum Farm

The Kennels – New Haven, Vermont

Located at The Equestry this is where the hounds live. We are very excited to be able to hunt from right here.   The Kennels

Mountain Top Inn and Resort – Chittenden, Vermont

The Chittenden Reservoir is beautiful, and the Staff at this resort is always happy to see us.  Mountain Top

Fort Ticonderoga – Ticonderoga, New York

Familiar to those who have been at our Hunt Demonstrations there, we also hunt there. With more than 3000 acres available there is plenty of space.  Fort Ti

Stowe – Stowe, Vermont

New in 2017, Gorgeous mountain views dominate this fixture of open fields and woodlands, in the heart of the Green Mountain Hounds territory of the past. Stowe

Winooski Valley

A series of properties stretching from Richmond to Williston.   Park trailers at the Farr Farm   400 Huntington Road Richmond