2022 New England Hunts Hunter Trials

New England Hunts Hunter Trials

October, 23rd, Sunday Huntington Farm, South Strafford, Vermont

One of the most important parts of these Trials are the trophies – some ancient and some new.  Here is who they went to this year.


Score Spreadsheets



And to reminisce!


The Big Day – Schedule and Photos of the Jumps and maps


This prestigious competition has been held by the New England hunts since 1932, with the various hunts taking turns hosting the event.  In 2022 Green Mountain Hounds will be sharing the responsibility with North Country Hounds, and we’re pleased to be using one the regions’ premier eventing venues.  While the Qualified Divisions (jumps ranging from 2’9” to 4’) are limited to active foxhunters riding their foxhunting horses, there is the same suite of Open Divisions available to everyone.  Obstacles (20-25 of them) are of natural design such as might be found at a hunt.   Hunt-specific challenges such a quick stop (Hold Hard), a quick exit (Gone Away), and opening and closing a fence will be included.  Each obstacle is judged from the perspective of easy and smooth execution.  Take advantage to ride this lovely venue with the friendliest people from all over New England.



See all the rules and regulations here: NE Hunter trials 2022