2021 Opening Meet and Blessing of the Hounds

Be sure and be there Sunday Oct 3 for our gala annual Opening Meet.
This is the first day of Formal Season, where we don our black and pink
coats, stock ties, and vests to honor the ancient traditions of riding to hounds.
Expect a stirrup cup, a fine luncheon catered by our very own Kyla Drew,
and some phenomenal hunting thanks to our wonderful foxes, hounds, and huntsman.
Pastor David Smith of Mt. Carmel Community Church will deliver the Blessing.  Pastor
Smith sends his thanks to Marten for his written thoughts and insights for the coming season.
For those people without mounts but who are excited to see hounds and horses at work,
there will be a Tally Ho wagon moving about to strategic viewing points, with hay bale seats, a rope “railing,” refreshments,
and expert commentary by Mike Norris.  Sounds more comfortable than horseback, I have to say.

For the best viewing you may wish to bring binoculars.

The festivities begin promptly at ten am at Quiet Valley (1100 Quiet Valley Road Shoreham VT)