2020 Opening Meet and Blessing

Written by Marten Van Heuven, delivered by Elaine Ittleman

Blessing of the Green Mountain Hounds

Sunday,  September 27, 2020

Quiet Valley farm

Shoreham, Vermont

Ten AM.

Good Morning!  Welcome to the blessing of the Green Mountain Hounds.

 Last year we celebrated the blessing of the Hounds with great satisfaction at the new kennels.  We followed through with a busy hunting schedule despite occasionally challenging fall weather.

This spring, however, we ran into a problem of global proportions with the Covid 19 virus.  It has affected many people and left a trail of disease, sickness and misery.  The routines and lives of many have been upended.  We knew we had to adjust.  And that we did.

Today we celebrate the fact that we are returning to our hunt fields, stronger than ever.  Our hounds have been eagerly anticipating this day.  So has our huntsman Meghan, and the many others, who cheerfully tended  and walked  the hounds all winter and spring.


Today, at the advice of medical experts and government authorities, we are keeping social distance, wearing masks, and washing our hands. With these precautions we have had a fantastic Summer Season and now look forward to a safe and successful Formal hunting season.


We conclude this ceremony with a prayer.

Almighty God.

We thank Thee for the beautiful fields and forests through which we hunt.

Bless those who allow us to hunt on their land.

Bless those who ride the hunt.  Keep them from harm to life and limb.

Bless our horses who faithfully carry their riders.

Finally, bless these, our Green Mountain Hounds, whose restless energy and joyful voices delight us all.  Keep them in good health.

And may all who participate in this hunt today return refreshed and renewed, in body and in spirit.