2020 Adopt-a-Hound



Hello Everyone!


Izzy and Emma here. We are Junior GMH members who are missing spring hunting and playing with the hounds. We bet you are too!


Covid 19 has changed so much of what we can do together. We decided to take some of our free time and create a way for you to virtually connect with your favorite hound and to help the club raise some funds for their support. Introducing . . . . Adopt-a-Hound 2020!


Our intention is to renew the Adopt-a-Hound program, which allows members to show their love for the hounds. In return for providing $25 a month (or a one-time gift of $300), you can sponsor one (or more) of the Green Mountain Hounds! We currently have seventeen available for sponsorship! Pick yours soon! Word of the project got out early and two people have already sponsored their hounds. Plus, we Juniors are sponsoring a hound too. Members can sponsor the hound(s) of their choice… hounds can have more than one sponsor! By sponsoring a hound, you would help provide food and shavings for the hounds, as well as overall kennel upkeep. In addition to this, you will receive a framed photo of the hound you choose to sponsor!


Although the hounds are well known to many of you, we have included a list of all of the hounds. The names with stars next to their names are new additions to the hunt as of this spring!


  1. Beauty  (7 year old)
  2. Earnest  (8 year old)
  3. Ecco  (8 year old)
  4. Ella  (2 year old)
  5. Elliott (8 year old)
  6. Elspeth  (2 year old)
  7. Ethan  (8 year old)
  8. Nero*  (2 year old)
  9. Noble*  (2 year old)
  10. Rampart  (2 year old)
  11. Roman  (2 year old)
  12. Roxy  (2 year old)
  13. Rumor*  (7 year old)
  14. Ryan  (2 year old) 
  15. Trina  (7 year old)
  16. Truman  (7 year old)
  17. Whipper*  (3 year old)


Additionally, we will be doing a hound of the day on Facebook and Instagram. Keep your eyes open for those posts to see the hounds, and to potentially help you choose which one you would like to sponsor! You can also click HERE to see the pictures and descriptions of each hound.


To sponsor a hound, you can use PayPal or Venmo Greenmountainhounds or write a check to Green Mountain Hounds and send it to Christa Kemp at her address, 2374 Cochran Road, Richmond VT, 05477. 



We hope you consider sponsoring as a way to stay connected to our pack. We are very grateful that you took the time to consider this opportunity.



Izzy Subin-Billingsley and Emma Welch