2018 GMH Hunter Pace October 13


Quiet Valley, Shoreham Vermont 9-11am

A hunter pace is an event over hunting territory that has an optimal
ride time, that is not known by the riders. You can ride at whatever
pace you would like, just have fun! The optimum time is based on a
“hunting pace” for three divisions.
First Field – walk trot, and canter with jumping
Second Field –  walk, trot and canter, optional jumping
Third Field – walk, trot
Teams of riders (2 to 6) ride the set course at their desired pace. The
winning teams, will ride the course in the optimum time for each
division. As far as length goes, it will be 5 – 7 miles. Your horse
should be conditioned enough to handle the distance, but again,
you set your own pace so you can always take walking breaks.
The entry form is attached; both a printable version and a form that
can be filled out and emailed is available.

Fillible_Hunter Pace Entry 2018

Print_Hunter Pace Entry 2018-1

The release form is available here: GMH Release

The Quiet Valley hunting fixture is one of our premier locations and is also the scene of the Lemon Fair Sculpture Park http://www.lemonfairsculpturepark.com/

You will really enjoy the interesting sculptures along your way.