2018 Hunt Schedule




Spring Season

May 12, Saturday, 10am.  Guided Trail Ride at Blueberry Hill, Elizabethtown NY
May 20, Sunday, 10am.  Quiet Valley
May 24, Thursday, 10am.  Tottingham
May 27, Sunday Virginia Hound Show Leesburg, VA
May 31,Thursday, 10am. Lilac Ridge
June 3, Sunday, 9:15am Mini Clinic 10am 2pm Hunt Note change of time to 10am! Quiet Valley
June 7, Thursday, 10am Mountain Top
June 9, Saturday 10am Guided Trail Ride. Quiet Valley, Shoreham VT
June 10, Sunday 10am Quiet Valley
June 22-24 Biennial MFHA Seminar Alexandria VA
July 19, Thursday 10am.  Guided Trail Ride.  Lilac Ridge, Charlotte VT

Summer Season

Aug 1, Wednesday, Hunt Clinic, Timber Hill
Aug 2,  Thursday, 10am, Lilac Ridge
Aug 5,  Sunday, 10am, Quiet Valleychrista_sidesaddle
Aug 9,  Thursday, 10am,  Kennels
Aug 12,  Sunday, 10am, Quiet Valley
Aug 16,  Thursday, 10am,  Mountain Top
Aug 19,  Sunday, 10am, Kennels
Aug. 22, Wednesday, 10am, Joint Meet at Wentworth POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER
Aug 23, Thursday, 10am, Timber Hill
Aug 26,  Sunday, 10am,  Lilac Ridge
Aug 30,  Thursday, 10am, Tottingham
Sept 2,  Sunday, 10am,  Quiet Valley
Sept 6, Thursday, 10am, Timber Hill
Sept 9, Sunday, 10am,  Kennels
Sept 13, blessing2015Thursday, 10am, Lilac Ridge
Sept 16, Sunday, 10am,  Tottingham
Sept 19 Wednesday.  Joint meet at North Country West Windsor VT
Sept 20, Thursday, 10am, Mountain Top

Formal Season

Sept 23,  Sunday, 10am,   Quiet Valley, joint meet with Wentworth.  Blessing of the Hounds
Sept 27,  Thursday, 10am, Quiet Valley; joint meet with North Country
Sept 30, Sunday, 10am, Bottum Farm
Oct 4, Thursday, 10am, Kennels
Oct 4-7 Montreal Hunt Festival of Hunting.  Bromont, Canada
Oct 6, Saturday, 3pm Fort Ticonderoga Hunt Demonstration
Oct 7, Sunday, 10am  Stowe Hound Exercise on foot  Kennels  Note change!
Oct 11, Thursday, 10am Quiet Valley
Oct 13, Saturday, 9am GMH Hunter Pace, Quiet Valley
Oct 14, Sunday, 10am Bottum
Oct 18, Thursday, 10am Lilac Ridge
Oct 21, New England Hunt Hunter Trials at Myopia
Oct 21, Sunday, 10am Stowe
Oct 25, Thursday, 10am Quiet Valley
Oct 28, Sunday, 10am Ticonderoga
Nov 1, Thursday, 10am Winooski Valley – Farr Farm

Nov 3, Saturday, Hunt Ball

Nov 4, Sunday, 10am Stowe

Nov 8, Thursday, 10am Lilac Ridge
Nov 10, Saturday, New England Joint Meet, Hamilton, MA
Nov 11, Sunday, 10am Quiet Valley
Nov 15, Thursday, 10am Ticonderoga CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER
Nov 18, Sunday, 10am Winooski Valley CANCELED DUE TO SNOW
Nov 25, Sunday, 10am Tottingham CANCELED DUE TO SNOW AND COLD
Nov 28, Wednesday Joint Meet with North Country.  Lyme, NH CANCELED DUE TO SNOW
Nov 29, Thursday, 10am Kennels CANCELED DUE TO SNOW
Dec 2, Sunday, 10am Quiet Valley Kennels, Hound Races, Presentations, Breakfast.  Note change of location

Dec 6-7 Drag Performance Trials Belle Meade Thomson Georgia